The Importance Of Problem Based Learning Approach For Students

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The Importance of Problem Based Learning Approach for Students
This topic was selected because of my field of study. As a pursuing healthcare professional the objectives of the health care environment required us to be self-motivated to respond to complicated situations that require skills in problem solving, professional knowledge, decision -making ability, and group collaboration. Problem-based Learning is a practical instructional technique that has positive learning outcomes. Thus far, throughout my research no scientific study so far has examined in depth the critical components that makes Problem-based learning effective. Notwithstanding, the aim of this work is to give brief overview of Problem-based education and some of its benefits to undergraduates. To complete this work I used the backing of scholar journal articles by researching different library databases including Delaware County Community College, Temple University, and Google scholarly journals. The reviews from these journal articles identified the components that make Problem-based Learning effective. Incorporating these components in the teaching will leads to better learning outcomes.
Brief Overview of Problem-based Learning Method: According to Neville. A. J. (2008) , Problem-based learning method was established in 1969 at McMaster University, Canada and within two decades more medical schools around the world have adopted the method. This insurgency in medical education has had a huge…

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