The Importance Of Principals On Behavior Management

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Principals have a big influence on the behavior management of the school. Many principals leave those roles to the teachers and intervene when necessary. But principals can also have a say on the type of discipline the teachers can use. I was interesting in reading more about what roles principals play when it comes to behavior management. I have seen over the past three years how behavior issues have changed at our school, and a lot of it has to do with our changes in principals.
All teachers can agree behavior management is one of the hardest parts of their daily work. Also, most teachers can say they did not get adequate training or courses in their teacher certificate program. This is the issue this article is faced with, when a principal encounters a new teacher, and what role do they play in helping teachers who struggle with behavior management but has potential
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The principal thinks Jon will figure out how to deal with behavior management, but realizes Jon is struggling and sees his frustration. Jon’s principal becomes worry and knows he must do something, or otherwise those students will suffer academically. Lucky for Jon, the principal sees potential he has as a teacher, and does not want Jon to become another statistic “another bright young teacher who ends up leaving a profession that can’t afford to lose somebody with his kind of potential” (Education World, 2016). This is the case principals are faced with every year. Teachers who enter the career with little training in behavior management but lots of potential. All this leads to teachers leaving the career early on. There are many reasons teachers leave the career early on, but one of the big reasons is behavior management issues. Principals can help change these types of statists, and the article presents what some principals would do with Jon to help him

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