Should There Be More Pressure To Go To College Essay

Going to an outstanding college is always the symbol of an excellent student. Nevertheless, attending a famous college is never an easy thing for many students. High school students have to keep a high GPA, finish a great deal of homework, and do well in different kinds of standardized tests. Therefore, high school students are always supposed to be the group of people who suffer great pressure. For many years, students, parents and teachers have discussed whether students have suffered too much pressure over and over again. Students’ pressure is so important, which influences both students’ performance and health a lot. As far as I am concerned, there should be more pressure to teenagers to go to college. Because pressure is what students give themselves, homework doesn’t give enough pressure to students and students …show more content…
High school students are always supposed to be the people who have a great deal of pressure. They need to prepare everything needed by going to college. Besides, their parents and teachers will push them a lot during the last year. It’s a fact that high school students suffer lots of pressure, but the pressure is not enough at all. Proper pressure is good for working, more, it always makes students outdo themselves. Therefore, there should be more pressure on teenagers to go to college. The first reason is that pressure is something students give themselves, so students usually gain enough pressure from themselves. The second reason is that there isn’t so much homework, there should be more homework for students, then students can push themselves harder. The final reason is that high school students have to prepare for the greater pressure, which they have to face in the society one day. It’s obvious that we can never equate the pressure in high school with the pressure in the society. In other words, I insist there should be more pressure on high school students to go to

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