The Importance Of Pornography

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Register to read the introduction… However looked at pornography, gives individual’s chances to self discover, allowing them to indulge and grow into a better self. Whether they actively take part in the production or are simply watching, free speech allows them to choose, what and how they want pornography, giving a sense of instant gratification. To regulate the pornography industry would mean removing the principle that a mentally competent adult would be prevented from expressing their own convictions, or from indulging their own private tastes, simply on the grounds that, in the opinion of others, those convictions or tastes are mistaken, offensive or unworthy (West, 2008). Various arguments would say that pornography is an important form of sexual expression that does not harm women, and may even benefit them by liberating women and women's sexuality from the oppressive shackles of tradition and sexual conservatism. On the other side of this argument many feminists say that pornography harms women’s right to speak out against violence, however there is not evidence to prove that pornography has a direct line to the increase in violence against women. Whichever side of the argument is in focus at the time, society cannot deny the exponential growth that pornography has had through the development of technology, raising the question of who should be monitoring what is displayed for the public to …show more content…
In the past, the arguments involved have always been central focused upon immoral and religious views of pornography. In society today discussing the regulations of the sexually explicit material, would involve understanding the principles of legislating against such imagery. Ideas of rating pornography on a harm ratio could have implications when legislating against. Not to mention the practical costs and dangers of censorship, whether or not society believes that pornography does cause some harm to others, the risks involved in censoring it are too great. They point to the difficulties involved in formulating a legal definition of pornography, resulting in a “Pornography is not good for you, thus we can restrict your access” (MacKinnon) attitude of the Internet Service Providers. Censoring pornography may place society on a dangerous "slippery slope" to further censorship of other material including valuable literary, artistic and political

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