The Importance Of Plagiarism In Australia

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Giving people a fair go is at the center of Australia culture, but when it comes to the likes of plagiarism the Australia culture can be quite harsh towards it. Defined as when a person is taking another persons ideas or a witters language and calls it there own work without crediting the other person. This will be demonstrated through the discussion of issues that may be cause due to plagiarism. Issues included for the person are the breach of trust for Students, teachers, customers and employees, Legal will go into detail of intellectual property. The important of referencing will also be highlighted , along with ways of avoiding plagiarism which are quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing.

There are 6 different types of plagiarism and its important for everyone to know what they are. Deliberate Paraphrasing, doesn 't need much of an explanation as it says what it means in its name. Patchwork Paraphrasing, is taking what you 've read
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They may be banned from entering uni from high school or if they are caught in uni they might be banned from getting into another uni. If let into another uni the student may not be trusted. When it comes to a business people it also follows them career wise. This may cause the business person to be fired or asked to step down if in a high position. If fired from the job the person will have a difficult time finding another job as they too will not be trusted. If there is a need to use someones else words or work you should always reference it. Referencing is important as it recognize the different of your own work and someone else. Its also important as it shows not only your point of view by another 's as well. Referencing also validates what you trying to tell the reader and often refers to other research that leads up to your study. And last but no least referencing helps to avoid any type of plagiarism as you are to submitting the work as our

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