Utility Patent Essay

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According to the required readings, (Findlaw, 2015) "A patent permits a patentee to exclude others from making, selling, or using the patented invention and from importing the patented invention or an article made by a patented process into the United States".

Based from my findings from the "Readings ", Utility patents provide protection for useful inventions, which may be processes, machines, articles of manufacture, or compositions of matter. Its logical that Jimmy applies for a Utility patent, since his invention will be a new device, currently not produced or ever invented by any other person or company, Utility patent law fits perfectly with his product.It will give Jimmy the right to prohibit others from misusing the his invention,
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A well-picked and effectively publisized trademark regularly has value a long way past the product its self regardless of the fact that that source is obscure to the buyer. Therefore, a trademark can offer Jimmy some assistance with building and holding customers interest for his invention which keeps demand high. while helping consumers to quickly distinguish and decide on a purchase decusion based upon recognition of the trademark. as aresult of their worth, it is fundamental for him to endeavor to protect his its trademark.

Since Jimmy plans on starting a company, and selling up to a millions of his invention, getting a "Trade secret" will be essential for the success new company. A trade secret been "virtually anything that is not generally known and that gives the owner of a trade secret a competitive business advantage", as described by (FindLaw, 2015).

Jimmies invention is a first, and companies most likely will want to jump into that and create similar products, but might not know how to go about it. So getting trade secret will protect his practices, design, formula and process pattern used in producing his invention. Even though a lot of this already protected under other patents like a trademark and a patent, trade secret is still an important business practice to have. To sum this up, A trade secret protection will provide his company a competitive edge over rivals and it is not known to the

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