The Influence Of Copyright On The Internet

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Internet is a medium for people to unleash their creativity and voice. A place where ideas and opinions are exchanged throughout the world. Whether it be an artwork, a story with multiple plot twists, a simple strand of beats as a start up to a music career or a blog to give advice,they 're all ways to connect with an audience. However behind the scenes of the world wide web, there are restrictions that pose conflict toward people 's rights as well as cause unjustified control over the internet by the government. To put it in a nutshell, everything deals with how intellectual property, mainly copyright, has increasingly becoming a higher priority than before due to the vastness and intricacy of internet.
Copyright originates from the U.S.
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Copyright infringement is "an offense created by the notion of copyright" that undermines the hard work of creators (Vaidhyanathan 67). According to Ohio State University, piracy"... occurs when [people] download, copy, fileshare, install, or distribute digitized materials in the form of computer software programs and entertainment without authorization from the owner/creator"(“Office of TheChief Information Officer”). Copyright infringement doesn’t necessarily have to be digital. In fact, there are "pirate jeans, pirate motorcycle, pirate pharmaceuticals, pirate aircrafts", pirate purses and books (Johns 4). Piracy impacts negatively on the company and creators from the loss in revenue, while the one expose to piracy material would be present with a positive effect ,from being able to experience a good quality on an item for a lesser price, and negative as well due to a penalty of "be[ing] imprisoned not more than 5 years, or fined in the amount set[,]...$25,500" (“Copyright Law of the United State”).Although piracy have inflicted negative consequences, it doesn 't measure up with what the government is willing to do to get rid of rouge and foreign copyright infringement …show more content…
Would it become a medium with endless rules and tight bound empty promise of rights? While there are a relatively large amount of people embarking to pirate it would be a misuse and abuse of power to internet system, companies that are dependent with the network and people freedom of expression to attacks on foreign domain that traffics copyright infringements. Copyright was not made to be weighted as property but to be a policy to protect “expression” (Vaidhyanathan 25).

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