How Can Pirated Movies Affect The Economy

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Eyup Sultan Kadakal
Composition I
Argumentative Essay
Effects of Pirated Movies to The Economy
The entertainment industry is one of the industries which has indicated a continuous progress of success. With the industry, a notable number of people get to their living through this industry. The same as well include the government, which gets to attain a stable economy via the contribution which the entertainment industry provides. Talking of the entertainment industry, it involves various departments which while joined they form the entire entertainment body. These branches will include the likes of, music industry, video games industry, T.V shows, and the movie industry which seems to be the greatest of all. The film industry is one
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Movie pirates will always sell their film copies at a throwaway price, and such instances reduce the chances of consumers going for the original product which is always at a reasonable high price. The case with pirated movies is even more severe since people are making copies for non-commercial profits. For example, producing a copy for a friend. The resultant effect leads to the owner making fewer profits than when piracy would not be taking place. Hence, with less sales and minor profits, the country’s economy is unable to benefit from the film industry in any way. The money will end up going to the pirates who carry out they business …show more content…
However, as far as the government strives to ensure piracy and the selling of pirated movies come to an end ("Stop Online Piracy Act Case" 18-25), us as the consumers should play the larger part by saying no and reporting any cases of movie piracy to save the film industry.

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