The Importance Of Pipeline To Canada's Environment

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A pipeline is like if a vein of your body was carrying illness through you. The bad cell will just multiply and multiply until you get sick, and even when you are sick it gets worse. That is what this pipeline will do to Canada's environment. The government should not approve the building of the pipeline for many important reasons. Clearcutting forests will destroy Canada's naturally beautiful landscape. Oil companies will begin producing more and more emissions the more capable they are of selling and moving their oil, and global warming can increase to an all time high if there are less trees to produce clean air and more oil being produced to pollute the air. Do we really want to do this to our environment?

Forests are plentiful in Canada,
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This will affect the environment again in a tragic way. The air will become polluted not only because co2 is being produced, but that with all the trees they cut down, their will be less natural co2 absorbers to clean the air of impurities (trees). Water will become polluted from runoff that comes from the production of oil, the more runoff that is made the more aquatic ecosystems will continue to suffer. Fish like salmon will no longer be able to lay their eggs in streams because the water will become too polluted to swim up. Birds will show up on the shores of Canada's beaches covered in oil and tars that were just floating in pockets on top of the water. The land may also worsen as without trees natural disasters become more common. Without the proper wildlife to help it keep a healthy nutrient cycle going, the soil will go dry. Organisms that live in it and also scrub the world of its co2 will cease to …show more content…
Ice caps will begin to melt faster, because of only one pipeline. If they do, animals like penguins and polar bears are hurt by icebergs breaking and melting away. They will not have habitats anymore. As the climate rises, animals will not be able to keep up with the changing temperatures. Even the most resilient animals will have trouble adapting to the heat. Finally, land will become desolate. The hotter the earth gets the more places will dry up and water will become sparse in more places as time goes by. Everyone on earth needs water to live. Is this pipeline really worth it in the end?

The government should not approve of this pipeline, Clear cutting forests is a dangerous thing to do. It will ruin environments and ecosystems not only where the trees are but further through the forest. The more oil that companies can move, the more that they will produce. The pipeline will also cause global warming rates to rise significantly.
People may say that we require the jobs that a pipeline will build, but do they believe jobs are worth the lives of the organisms that die in the process?

-Emma French

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