The Importance Of Physical Activity At An Early Age Essay examples

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The Importance of Physical Activity at an Early Age
Many health problems can be linked back to the lack of physical activity. It is important for children to become more involved in physical activity to reduce the risk of becoming unhealthy and obtain further detrimental side effects to their well-being. In this report I will discuss the most common health problems and show evidence to support they do in fact stem from lack of physical activity. I will also show how to encourage children to be more active and the various ways to make sports education more interesting.
Figure 1: As reported by ESDC, Government of Canada

Being inactive poses many risks to an individual. Some common risks include:
• A greater risk of heart attacks and strokes than active people
• Higher blood pressure
• A higher risk of developing some cancers
• More chance of developing diabetes
• A higher risk of osteoporosis, leading to fractures. Up to half of hip fractures could be avoided with regular physical activity
• More risk of being overweight or obese: this also increases risk of other medical conditions
• More injuries and accidents than physically active people
Although these risks are serious they are seen very frequently in younger children and adults. A recent article from CBC News has compared inactivity being just as detrimental to health as smoking. (News, CBC)
It has never been more crucial to get young children started…

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