The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Childhood Obesity In Sports

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The United States is in the midst of an epidemic crisis because of the high obesity rates among children. One major factor contributing to these rates is the progressive decline in the level of physical activity in children’s daily lives. Obesity rates among children in the U.S. have doubled since 1980 and have tripled for adolescents. The main question is how this rate can be decreased among our children today. Although many people would argue that there are numerous major factors besides the lack of physical activity that contributes to childhood obesity, parents should enroll their children in sports such as basketball, because of the physical and psychological aspects associated with it.
Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition
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The sport of basketball has some rules to follow and noncompliance to them results to certain penalties. This teaches discipline to players, and in effect, they become more competitive and focused on succeeding. Being disciplined can help them stay focused on their eating habits as well as the amount of physical activity involved in their daily lives. Furthermore, Research by Taliaferro suggests that playing sport can even protect against suicide risk in youth. Compared to non-athletes, male athletes exhibit lower levels of hopelessness and suicidal ideation. “Young males involved in multiple sports seem to foster even more protection in this regard. Similar results were found for girls.” …show more content…
Many children have obesity because parents refuse to ensure that their child have proper exercise every day. The activity involved in the sport of basketball can help lower the risk of childhood obesity. The wide range benefits that come with playing basketball helps children lose the weight that they gain every day. In addition to that, there are many psychological benefits that can contribute to reducing the risk of childhood obesity such as discipline. Even though the lack physical activity plays a major role in childhood obesity, other factors including genetics and unhealthy eating habits are major contributors as well. If more children are physically active in playing the sport of basketball, they will less likely not be at risk for childhood

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