Essay On Dogs Vs Home Animals

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Everyone knows or has heard of “that family” who dresses up their dog in clothes and talks to them as if it they were a real child. The connection between pet and owner all relies on how the owner treats the animal. The emotional attention that many owners feel towards their pets may depend on the breed type of dog involved, but the way the any animal feels about their owners will differentiate from one species to another (Physiology Today - The Bond Between Pet And Owner). If you had a pig, hamster, turtle or bunny would you give them the same treatment as your dog? Why do we predominantly see dogs receiving better care than other house animals?
My interest in why dogs are treated better in an American society came from many personal accounts with dog owners. Why does the American society put dogs are on a higher standard than other house pets? Why do dog owners pay for expansive pampering treatment that is unnecessary? Extra pampering of the dog just makes them look better with no benefits of health, emotion or physical care. It is more expensive to care for a dog than a cat
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It has been proven that dogs help with adjusting to serious illness, death, being less anxious and feeling more secure. Playing and caring for your animal help you relax and reduce everyday stress. Lifting your mood and feeling less lonely assisting in improving your overall welling being. Having an animal and to consistency care for keeping active will boost not only your well-being but your dog’s also (Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff-Why Man 's Best Friend is Man 's Best Friend). Dog owners have been found to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks, and according to a study by the British Journal of Health. In 2004, a study showed that dog owners also have the added on benefit of having fewer medical problems than those without pets (Dog Vacay - 10 Surprising Reasons Your Dog is Good for Your

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