A Leader's Guide To Why People Behave The Way They Do Essay

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Individual differences are a key dimension in the practice of leadership. Within this key, personality is an essential criterion in which leaders differ. Personality represents ways of responding to the environment and involves tendency of the mind to think, behave, and feel in a particular way. Characteristics that determine one’s personality are heredity, environment, and situation. Also, personality plays an enormous role in leadership, and the way leadership is exercised. The right mix of experience, skills, character, and environment are components that establish effective leaders. This research is the response to the article “A Leader’s Guide to Why People Behave the Way They Do” by Professor James G. Clawson from the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation, about those fundamentals and conditions that motivate people.
Discussion of Findings
A. Heredity – Nature and Nurture Characteristics Genetic heredity certainly helps in the development but are not sufficient to create great leaders. Although the author mentions that one’s personality is determined after birth by the parents, friends, or environments around the person, the mix of innate traits and developed skills, for example, technical knowledge, truly is what determines one’s
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Genetic heredity aids the leadership skills but is not enough to create an effective leader by itself. It is essential to understand that organizations need to provide environment in which leaders expected to operate. In addition, the leadership requires the right mix of traits and characteristics to inspire and motivate their followers. The best strategy is to focus on finding the leaders who fit with the values and needs of organizations. That can be determined by recognizing and developing the key leadership criteria to achieve the organization

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