The Importance Of Persistence In Medical Life

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With both of my parents being pharmacists and hearing pharmaceutical jargon daily, I am quite familiar with medicine, yet I never understood how a little pill of magic made me feel better. My fascination with medication propelled me to pursue a career in the medical field. Even with all the wondrous parts of the field, health care is not perfect. Americans do not always obtain the correct health care they need because drugs are too expensive, doctors overprescribe medication, or they prescribe the incorrect dosage. Doctors often do not take a sufficient amount of time studying pharmacology leading to incorrect healthcare; however, they are the ones who solely prescribe medication to the patients. I hope to inspire the medical profession to …show more content…
Time is a gigantic obstacle we face in the medical field, including the time required for more pharmacology courses or the limited time doctors have to accomplish certain tasks ultimately leading to their mistakes. Persistence is key while facing the obstacle of time. Doctors must often work overtime to see a patient in need persevering through their exhaustion; moreover, medical doctors power through years of school when the learning process theoretically never ends. Farmer also faces this eminent struggle being a medical professional himself. Farmer feels like he “fought his whole life a long defeat” (Kidder 498); unfortunately, Farmer realizes that he will most likely die never seeing his life’s work completed. While trying to decide between careers, I struggled because I strived to become a medical doctor, but questioned exactly how much time I was willing to invest in my career; in fact, the time required intimidated me quite frankly because I wanted to have a strong relationship with Christ, my family, and friends. It is terrifying thinking I could be similar to Farmer and be nothing without my clinical practice. However, I knew I wanted to obtain a strong background in pharmacology, as well as to make others lives easier. After much debate and thought, I decided to go to pharmacy school and then attend medical school afterward, meaning I will have a knowledgeable background in pharmacology, even though this requires two additional years of schooling and a full-time career commitment. The persistence Farmer showed through his journey with Haiti fighting a life long defeat inspired me to tackle the additional years hoping that I will become a doctor well-versed in pharmacology, even possibly solving the problem between relating doctors and

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