The Importance Of Perfume

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Pulse points to apply perfume to last it all the day - Suggestions that allow you to keep perfume all day long

We all prefer perfume before going out. Whether we are going to date or go out with friends or at the office / college. Therefore, everyone should know how to make perfume correct, to wear perfume types and to the right places so that fragrances stay for a long time.

Perfume is an art, which preserves fragrance. If you do not put perfume in the right place, the scent will not spread and perfume will also be wasted. Therefore it is important that you have a place to go on which the perfume spreads the aroma. You must recognize the pulse. This pulse is where the skin is near the blood vessels. By using perfume in the right place,
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They say that while applying it is fine, but their scent gets over time. This problem can be solved by this article. Perfumes mostly live on oily skin. Women who have dry skin have to keep their skin repeatedly moisturizing and before skin perfume, the skin must be Moisture. The pulse point is where the body activates heat so that the fragrance of perfume lasts longer. Put perfume only on those places such as behind the ears, on the neck, on the wrist, in the elbow and behind the knees. Perfume should never be rubbed on the skin, because the molecule present in the perfume breaks down, and by which the fragrance disappears in the air. Hot, light and moisture break the substances present in perfume. This leads to damage to perfume …show more content…
Do not keep perfume in the bathroom anytime, because the bathroom may have bad moisture and perfume. Perfume should be kept in cold-dry place, away from the Sun's rays. Expose the vaseline before putting perfume on the given pulse point. Vaseline keeps the fragrance for a long time. How to keep perfume in the cold for a long time? (How to make the perfume last longer in winter? - fragrance kaise chune) In the cold season, different perfumes should be used. In summer, use light and fresh fragrance perfume should be used and in the winter use strong perfume. In winter, the skin is cold and therefore the effect of perfume remains low. Use a concentrated perfume to remove this problem. Heavy concentrated perfumes will extract fragrance, which often becomes dull in the winter season. Bull Cleanser and Moisture's Fragrance, also buy perfume fragrance. In the winter, perfume has to go through heavy clothes worn in the winter and spread fragrance. That is why they put perfume behind the ears and on the wrist as this place is open and the fragrance spreads easily to them. For more fragrance, perfume can be light-lighter on the winter's inner clothes if it does not stain on the clothes. In the end, you can put perfume again in the day so that the aroma remains. Pulse points to apply perfume How to use Blackhead Remover inside the wrist area (Inner wrist area perfume lagana kaisa)? In the market, there is more blood vessels near the inner part of the

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