The Importance Of Passion And Motivation In The Technology Industry

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Job Satisfaction: The Importance of Passion and Motivation, as they Apply to Professionals in the Technology Industry

Job Satisfaction: The Importance of Passion and Motivation, as they Apply to Professionals in the Technology Industry In 2013 the Tech Industry was the rated by Payscale as the overall most stressful industry to work in,(Business Insider, 2013), yet in the same year most Tech Employees were able to find some form of job satisfaction. It may seem strange, but it makes sense when you are able to understand why people often go into tech as a career: it’s all about passion for those dedicated to technology. A study of two thousand people in the tech sector by IT Career Finder found that it is passion for
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Networking jobs, especially those involving Network Security, are jobs which require many years of experience and oftentimes the memorization of extensive technical manuals. Alongside the experience and knowledge there has to exist passion to learn more about the technology as time progresses. The technology sector advances at such an incredible pace that the methods of yesterday become inapplicable to the problems faced today. In a survey from 2013, one company found that when asked, their employees rated being passionate about technology above both pay, and possibility of career growth.(Skinger, S. 2013) But passion is means different things, to some it is purely the fact that they are enamored with technology, for others it is the challenges that are created in the industry. The key to utilizing passion in these situations is applying the correct type and amount of motivation and knowing how to manage the people behind the …show more content…
Companies need to acknowledge the power that passion has on everything, from performance on each projects to company morale. Satisfaction does not lead to being motivated, but being motivated leads to satisfaction. The motivation of each employee will always play into how satisfied they feel about working in a position at any particular company. It is ignorance of the importance of motivation which has lead to the overall drop in job satisfaction in the it sector over recent years. (Giang, 2013) The companies in this survey which score higher, do so because they are paying attention to their employees, the understand how to motivate and engage the passions of the team. There is no single approach that works for every company, and acknowledging that the way a particular employee is best motivated, will not work for every employee. Applying the correct positions to the people who have the right passion to get projects finished on deadline and with . Job satisfaction is not reliant on traditional aspects such as a six figure salary, and an upper class workplace. What is important are things like managers taking the time to understand their employees, and allowing them to work on projects which they feel are

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