The Importance Of Participation In Education

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Question 1: Who Participates
In a free, democratic country where everyone has a voice, few segments of the population have the privilege to understand and participate in the political process. Despite the fact that those who are less fortunate can still participate in changing or putting an end to certain laws or policies through social media and e-Activism. Most of the politicians and governmental officials in office are white older men with substantial amounts of money and have higher levels of education which give them more power and political background. Participation rates would continue to be uneven because of the political side of media, financial purposes, and education.
First, those who don’t have as much privilege to participate in
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In most school systems across the country children are taught at some point, the basic structure of the government. School systems also offer children and young adults to meet groups of people with the same interests as them, and also clubs that offer more on politics to participate in. The majority of schools have their own “student” government, that gives young adults an idea about the system and politics. In the article titled The School in the Political Socialization of Children and Youth by Byron Massailas it states, “Studies conducted in the United States and abroad generally support the notion that the more education has the more efficacious he becomes.” This direst quote shows that when students stay in school in longer, they tend to have a better understanding and perspective on politics. Almost all politicians have at the very least a college degree, and most of the time the degree works in tandem with politics. School and education gives young adults political guidance about their understanding on the …show more content…
Mass media has made its impact on the way young adults have educated themselves on current political events and groups. Teenagers use technology on a daily and most of the time an hourly basis. News can now be found anywhere, and most of the events being discussed include politics in some way. Although it is known that in most cases the technology isn’t always used for educational purposes, instead its mainly used for social media platforms. In the textbook, American Government and Politics in the Information Age the authors described in chapter 6, that through platforms like Twitter and Facebook people can communicate with one another about current events or situations surrounding our government and bring their education about politics to the real world. That is also where young adults can gather opinions on present day situations that are easier to connect with or value. Mass media is now the greatest form of communication for the government to inform and communicate with citizens, and also a main factor in how people create their perception on

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