The Importance Of Parents For Parents

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Over the past few years, children are now being born into a household with parents who just are not fit for parenting. Being a parent is a big responsibility and requires responsible adult beings who know what they’re doing. Today’s society is becoming ¨sloppy¨ when it comes to having children. When you have young adults who are not aware of what it takes to be a parent, you end up with a family who´s not together. With licences put in place, all of the malfunctions that go on in a corrupt household could be eliminated. The licence could slow up the increasing rate of hungry children, and families suffering from poverty issues. Having parents with a licence for producing children is a smart idea due to the fact that most black communities, …show more content…
The child could possibly grow up with fears, an unpleasant childhood, and no clue on what it means to “breathe.” This is where some parents go wrong. They believe that if I as a parent do this, then my child most definitely won 't do this, this is called smothering your child. When you do this, it limits your child 's physical and social activities. When you “smother” your child, it is more likely for them to wonder what it 's like to do whatever it is that you suggested them not to do. They end up doing it anyway because you kept it away from them. You have to understand a child 's mind and how it works, meaning you want to be hard on your child, but not to the point where they can 't do many things but then end up doing it …show more content…
The National Child Abuse states that “Every year there are more than 3 million reports of child abuse made in the United States involving more than 6 million children losing on average of 4 to 7 kids a day.” CDC/Kaiser Permanete Adverse Childhood Experiences studies recorded that 28.8% of children suffer from physical abuse, 20.7% of children from sexual abuse, and 14.8% of children suffer from emotional neglect. This is to say that many children across the globe are suffering from parents who could care less about them, hurt them, and for the most part care less about them and there do about. With the license in place, parents who intend on having children could be watched over, which could help decrease the increasing number of children who are suffering from neglect and abuse. In fact, Safe Horizon Inc. studies state that ¨Abuse victims are more likely to exhibit antisocial behaviors including borderline personality disorders and violent behaviors. Child physical abuse can result in the malformation of the brain, resulting in the impaired mental development and lack of growth in the vital area.¨ Kids are the main ones to experience neglect and abuse from parents. When parents slowly begin to display behaviors like not showing interest in their child 's where abouts, then the child could begin to feel neglected;This could be solved

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