The Importance Of Overpopulation In America

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Constantino Ayala
Ms. Lindell
College Writing
26 January 2014
Why are There So Many of Us? Overpopulation is still an issue in the world. More people are being born than there are people who are dying,and that is an issue. There has to be a constant balance between the two, so there is a good balance between supply and demand on earth in terms of resources used. With greater availability of food for years now, it has really had a toll on the amount of humans now living and still increasing in number. With more resources being used up, this allows for further destruction of wildlife and wilderness areas to be destroyed which has an impact on the ecosystems surrounding the area. With longer life expectancy and continued birth rate increasing,
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the rapid growth has also caused a great impact on the resources china has available and future plans for development that china has planned to execute. Overpopulation in china has not just affected the resources but also environmental and work problems. It also is affecting public funds that are now used to help overcrowded families rather than being used for public projects or development programs. Work efficiency has decreased which is a big hit for the economy(shulin). Laws should be implemented in order for families to stop producing too many children. It sounds wrong for somebody to say such a statement but in the case of china the entire country is taking a toll for the worst in terms of available resources and funds being used for these increasing families. A new imminent danger is the increase of no-new frontiers for …show more content…
Many wildlife species that used to exist are now extinct due to destruction of habitats for human expansion. Steck writes,”This monumental historical development has profoundly changed the relationship of our species to its natural support systems and has greatly intensified our environmental impact, particularly regarding species extinctions’’. This is something that should be taken in concern with. Nations should take in consideration what 's animals bring to the world and should reserve specific wild lands for specific animals to thrive in. Overpopulation should not be a reason for which animals become extinct. Countries with issues such as china and india should enforce laws on overpopulation and try to maintain them. A great part of these countries have many people who are not recorded and live with no recognition. Many of these people contribute to the epidemic and give birth to too many kids which in long term is harmful for the country. Stecks graphs show that,’’Worldwide, the average woman currently bears 2.6 live offspring’’. This obviously varies from location to location. Locations in Africa have woman that produce more seven offspring which is alarming. These areas have likely no government influence and do not know the issues. Countries in europe on the other hand have a much lower birth rate than countries in africa with an average birth rate of 1.3 babies born(steck). More countries should follow

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