The Pros And Cons Of Shark Overfishing

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The ocean is home to more than 400 different shark species. These predators are portrayed by humans as mighty and extremely dangerous. While it may be well-known that these animals are the top of the food chain and have no sea predator, it’s a shock when they find out that they are on the brink of becoming endangered. Humans outside of the fishing industries fail to understand that we have a dramatic influence on the ocean. On the Pacific Ocean only, the numbers of tuna fishing vessels reach into the thousands. All of these boats main goal is to pull tuna out of the ocean as fast as possible for profit. That means that the number of tuna caught yearly is well into the millions. The reason these numbers are so high is due to the shady shark …show more content…
Due to the costly asian delicacy known as shark fin soup the demand has risen constantly as it became more popular in China and other asian countries. It wasn’t until recently that people started to protest against the massive slaughtering of sharks within the last 4 years shark sales began to decline. So the citizens of China have made it their responsibility to limit the amount of shark sales since the government won’t. There are reasons governments don’t want make the shark fin trade illegal .If the WWF is actually able to persuade governments to change their laws regarding sharks and make it illegal, there would be effects to our world and a few to some businesses. Once the essential shark population came back there would be a decline in tuna, meaning businesses would lose profit on these commercially caught fish. There are 80 nation that longline for tuna annually (FAO). These nations would face a somewhat dramatic lose to their economy as tuna has become a major export and essential to their governments GDP. Though, once the tuna population falls the primary consumers that the tuna feed on would start to increase which would return balance to the ecosystem. Yes, the banning of shark finning would lead to some economical issues for some countries, but they were making their profit off of murdering sharks for their fins which cannot be justified. Not only is it inhumane but it also is destroying our

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