The Importance Of Our Personalities, Preferences, And Personal Philosophies

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The Importance of our Stuff There are various factors that define our personalities, preferences, and personal philosophies. One of such factors is the things and stuff we carry with ourselves in our daily routines. These things, if properly analyzed, define various aspects of our personality such as our socialization trends, communication patterns, identity. One such thing that would define me and my personal philosophy is my mobile phone. My mobile phone can be used to determine aspects of my personality including my consciousness about social status, my love for gadgets, and my communication preferences. I have always been a massive fan of Apple products. Therefore, I have always been keeping and updating my Apple products as soon as they release. Since the news of the release of iPhone 7 was announced, I was saving my money to get one as soon as it is launched. I have been doing so for several years to ensure that I always have the latest iPhone despite all the critic reviews and optimism surrounding Apple products regarding their features and costs. There are several reasons that have made me a loyal consumer of iPhone. Some of these reasons are their market placement and social reputation of being a highly luxurious phone, the level of security provided by Apple, the massive support for media contents and social media integration, availability of an extensive range of diverse applications that can help you academically, personally, professionally and socially. All…

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