The Importance Of Organizing A Health Care Management Essay

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The Importance of Organizing in Health Care Management
A number of major principles exist to support the framework for the formal organization theory, one being authority as an essential principle (Dunn, 2010). Authority can be described as a way of getting the job done by having the right to direct others and give orders (Dunn, 2010). Another primary principle is the span of management also known as the span of control (Dunn, 2010). This principle is defined as boundaries set on the number of people a manager may supervise or the amount of people who report to a manager (Dunn, 2010). When determining the span of management several factors must be considered, such as the competency of the manager and employees, the vicinity of manager and employee, time manager spends on nonsupervisory duties, frequency of required interactions, complexity of tasks, frequency of process changes, and skills to monitor performance with technology (Dunn, 2010). Unity of command is a third principle that maintains a subordinate reports to and answers to only one manager (Dunn, 2010). This crucial principle allows the organization to identify responsibility, accountability and clearly defines the manager-subordinate relationship (Dunn, 2010). A fourth vital principle the division of work. Division of work is the process of breaking down task and assigning them to an individual, allowing the task or skill to be acquired and understood producing a higher level, producing efficiency (Dunn,…

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