Why Are Following Orders Important To The Military Lifestyle

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Why are orders important to the military lifestyle? Let me start answering this question by giving the definition of an order from the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Military Order: A command proceeding from a military superior. After hearing this definition many people immediately jump to the complaining and judging stage of following instruction. Comments such as, “Why would I follow one man’s opinion,” or “only certain orders apply to me,” are common place among lower ranks in the military. The catch to all of these comments is that all of the people making them signed a contract that bound them to following the orders laid out by superiors in their branch as well as the United States Government. Needless to say, the contempt for following directions and listening to orders given by a hierarchy, will never overrule he fact that the orders have to be followed. Now that I have outlined what an order is and the opinions of many younger service members, let’s delve in to the reason why following orders is important. Let’s say that any …show more content…
We started by defining a military order and talking about how most service members react to orders in general. After we defined an order, we moved on to various reasons that make following orders vital to military discipline. Next, I introduced you to Corporal Jones and his ripped jeans. We then talked about a proverb and its relation to history and following orders. We finished by discussing how important it is to follow orders as Non-Commissioned Officers in the United States Marine Corps. Following orders is not optional. It is part of who we are as service members and more importantly Marines. Each order is put in place for a reason and even though we might not understand the thoughts behind it, we pledged through our oath of enlistment to uphold the orders given to us by superiors. So follow orders that are given to you and do it immediately, cheerfully, and

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