The Importance Of Objectification Of Women In Today's Society

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In today’s society, according to Jean Kilbourne, equality between men and women seem to be almost non-existent. As shown in Kilbourne’s speech, it is widely believed that this is a man’s world, which had valid points. We are so used to seeing degrading images every day and degrading images of women that we simply overlook these things, which becomes normal in our lives. Advertising agencies surround us with this stuff day in and day out. Also seen in advertisements is sex portrayals which not uncommon to find. “Linking sex with violence in the most dangerous in ads” (Kilbourne). The objectification of women in our society is more established than many would like to believe. Women being portrayed as passive, easy, innocent, needy, submissive and dependent beings create an understanding that women are …show more content…
With men, being perceived as powerful and women being seen as passive and dependent, the younger generations begin to believe that these figures are the norm. The violent messages given off by certain advertisements begin to be overlooked and just become absorbed in our brains. Advertisers sell their products in the ways they do, one way being the objectification of women, because it not only appeals to the male consumer, but it also appeals to the female consumer making her believe that the ideal women looks, acts, and thinks in the ways a man would want her to. The irony in this idea is that an ideal woman, which all other women are trying to be: a sexy yet innocent, thin yet nourished, beautiful and perfect individual in all reality, does not exist. Kilbourne also stated in her talk series that “women learn from an early age that they have to have a perfect figure. I do not think it is possible for a woman to possess all of these characteristics at the same time. The image of this

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