Public Stereotypes In Nursing

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Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare sector because they play vital role to deliver quality care of the patients in the country (Water, 2010). However, today’s world has different image and perception regarding nurses and their practice, although nursing and its practices have changed, but public stereotype image is still not changed (Wallace, 2011). “Nurse is a trained, formally educated person who care giver of sick person, especially in a hospital”. (Oxford, 2012). Image is known as “The general impression, public perception that a person, organization, or product presents to the public”. (Oxford, 2012). The Oxford English Dictionary (2010) defined that perception as one’s awareness and …show more content…
Nursing image is conveyed by how nurses present themselves in every setting, from the classroom, to clinics, to professional meetings and to the workplace (National Students' Nurses Association, 2009–2010). The Perception of the nursing image has based on three propositions, one is nursing practice, the second is nursing value and the third one is Public image. Practice which deal to how an individual perceived the role of nurses in the health care setting, and values excavate how participants viewed nursing as a profession (Sand, J. & Schaffer, …show more content…
The impact of the study will directly on, whether nursing is chosen as a career as well as the effective functioning of nurses that should be embraced and fully utilized. This study will be helpful for the nurses to know their positive and negative image in the public. Policy makers, educators and administration have benefit of this study to change their certain policies regarding Nurses job, salaries, and their academic enhancement and improve social status in the society. This study has great advantages for nursing educators to know and understand the public perception and motivate and encourage their student nurses for higher education. The study will also help leaders of the nursing profession to identify which perception of nursing need attention and Improvement.
A stereotype can be defined as ‘a cognitive representation or impression of a social group that people form by associating particular characteristics and emotions with the group’ (Smith & Mackie 2007). Theoretical framework: The person- environment interaction model, this model emphasize the relationship between two parallel like person and environment, one side a person desire but the environment responsibility to fulfill the desire of that person. The other side is concerned with

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