The Importance Of Nonconformity

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My nonconformity day begun early, as I had to pass the exams on the courses with my group. During the whole week, I have been living with my grandmother, who cannot walk due to illness and with my cat, while parents have left for the seaside. Thus, at home I have little communication, while external word is full of it. As I am living in my parents’ house now, this week is poor for vivid communication and interactions.
When I woke up, I was alone in the house as usual, so it did not take much effort to remain uninfluenced. I have immediately recalled that that day was a non-conformity day, so I tried to behave as freely as possible. I turned the music on and was dancing instead of morning exercising, which made me feel free as nobody but cat
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I recognized that it would be more comfortable and beneficial to be closer to the entrance, but I value my groupmates more than comfort of location. Then I recalled Myers and Twenge, who noted that group size and other attributes promote more conform behaviors (2015, p. 211). While standing with them and supporting the discussion, I thought that I was conforming them that moment and it was not that bad. Within my group, I have an image of audacious but loving person, that it why I am allowed and even encouraged to express freely. I realized that I was bound by this image and started to be more empathic and less sarcastic as usual. After I was asked about the reasons of my kindness, I replied that I was in a good mood. I did not want to encourage empathic behaviors, as it would make a conversation less spicy, so I verbalized potential intensive emotional reactions of conversation’s participants, making everyone laugh. As soon as I passed the exam, I went home and fell asleep, so I had little communication since my exam. I think that it might be resulted by my unconscious intention to avoid the situations, when I may be deprived of someone’s love, as it would be a catastrophe for

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