Successful Negotiation Analysis

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Millennial women are more confident than any other female generation; women have an opportunity to control their career path by negotiating there work and life. A survey taken in 2015 proves that 21% of women negotiate their first offer; because of this women face a pay gap in nearly every occupation. According to Levo leagues 2015 survey 66% of women say they do not know how to ask for more, 63% felt uncomfortable negotiating, 58% were afraid of losing their jobs/ offer, 51% didn’t know they should ask for more, and 46% said coaching would help them negotiate. Negotiating can be stressful and somewhat difficult but if a man can negotiate why can’t a women take on the same approach.
When negotiating you are exchanging values with the company
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Step 1 research before you negotiate, talk to both men and women to get a well-rounded frame of reference, use online resources to aid in your research, and talk to your professional network and ask them what they negotiate for. Step 2 is to understand the interest and value of both parties. Found out their interest, what do they value, what are your unique skills and work experience, and what do you bring to the table. Step 3 is to know your BATNA, which is the best alternative to a negotiated agreement. Step 4 is practice by negotiating small items, its good to do a little exercise like call your cell phone provider and ask an easy question like “ Am I getting the best possible rate?” Finally step 5 is simply just asking for it and remember you will have to work with your supervisor long after the negotiation is …show more content…
If the person you are negotiating with is male dominated then find yourself a mal mentor who knows the industry inside and out and is willing to guide you to negotiate successfully. You could also have a same sex mentor but having a male mentor will give you an idea on how a man will respond when actually negotiating. Before binding a contractual agreement its best to consider working with an attorney. A few more things to consider while your preparing for the negotiating, is that both parties want to walk away feeling like they are receiving something of value, understand the lingo of the industry, outline positive points of working together and mutual benefits, learn what is and isn’t standard in agreements to the one you want to make, research cost of services and goods in your geographic area, and consider common discounts and promotions within your industry. Its also okay to walk a way from a deal, but first you should talk to mentors and respected industry professionals to gain insight as to how things work. A good mentor should be able to answer how long does it usually take to make a deal of this type, what should I consider beyond a dollar amount, what outcomes should I expect, what are ways to avoid

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