The Importance Of Naturalistic Observation Of A Child That Exposed Clear Demonstrations Of Healthy Socio Cognitive Development

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The purpose of this analysis is the comprehension or assembly of some elements of Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories by means of naturalistic observation of a child that exposed clear demonstrations of healthy socio-cognitive development. Piaget believed that during the preoperational stage an expansion of symbolic thought occurred; and the most tangible sign of symbolic assembly in the boy or girl is language. However, the ability to perform abstract, mathematical, and logical operations is not fully formed. While Vygotsky stated that the child absorbs information or learns by the constant interaction with the adults, and that children need the help of caring, nurturing adults in order to progress cognitively (Martorell, Papalia, & Feldman, 2014). Therefore, in this study performed on the thirteenth day of February, 2016, the aim is to join the theoretical aspect with the practical and evident implications of both theories.
The participant in this study was a five years, ten days old girl who is part of a healthy family unit composed of one sister and two parents. Previous to the commencement of the study several factors that could cause a bias in the analysis were researched and ruled out. Then, the resulting remarks were made: The little girl possesses a secure attachment due to the strong, secure emotional bonding between father-mother, and parents-daughter. Furthermore, this girl seemed happy most of the time and had a good, loving relationship with her…

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