Relationship Conflict In The Case Of Jean And Griff

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Undoubtedly inter-adult violence, single parenthood, and demographics are linked to elevated parent-child discord with mothers. However, in the case of Jean and Griff, dissent is also a by-product of corresponding factors and variables in the relationship structure; propagated by contextual influences including: psychological stress and social pressure, changes to familial structure, variations in individual roles and responsibilities, relationship quality, and content and quality of the mothers interpersonal interactions (Laursen & Collins as cited in Laursen, 2005, p. 48; Laursen, 2005, p. 48).
Relationship Quality
At the start of the film, Jean and Griff display an almost egalitarian relationship. Both characters displayed, “temperamentally
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In this scene, we witness the aftermath of Jean and Gary’s physical altercation. Even though Jean and Griff are in the midst of a crisis, Griff utilizes constructive conflict management methods; characterized by direct persuasion and negotiation to encourage Jean’s subsequent actions. Canary and Tafoya (as cited in Littlejohn & Domenici, 2007), assert, “Negotiation tends to be direct and cooperative. We acknowledge our differences and try to work them out through a process of persuasion, compromise, and problem solving” (p. 160). At this point in the film, the mother-daughter relationship is intact and there are few discrepancies in their perceptions of one …show more content…
Differences between the dyad are also evident when Griff perceives a threat to the closeness of her relationship with Jean. Research indicates that there is a distinct correlation between conflict management styles categorized by anger and an individual’s perceptions of poor relationship quality (Branje, 2008, p. 1629). Upon being introduced to Sherriff Crane, Griff reacts combatively and refers to him as, “…just some guy my mom brought home.” (Hallström, 2005). She presumes that her mother is or will become romantically involved with him. From past experiences, Griff might infer that her mother’s intimate relationships are potentially detrimental to their collective well-being and

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