Fluency In Literacy

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The ability to speak is an automatically acquired skill whereas reading and writing are more laborious. They need to be learned and practiced. Nowadays, learning to read and write is out of question. In addition, with the evolving technology, social media, the use of emails and massages to communicate and the abundant accessible resources online, people practice reading and writing more than ever before. Normally, people have different levels of fluency in literacy. Fluency is mainly affected by practice and other factors such as the environment at home, the school, the teacher, the way of learning and the interests.
When it comes to my relation with literacy, we are pretty close. I loved reading since I was a child. Whenever I found an
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According to the book "Literacy" Key Concepts in Education, Fred Inglis, and Lesley Aers, Sage UK, 2008, "the development of spoken language skills is crucial to the ability to read, write and communicate well." This might apply for the native language, in my case Arabic, but since I learned other languages (English, German, French), I can say from my personal experience that this is not always the case. Rather, when it is a second language spoken, listening and reading are first developed, then slowly writing and lastly speaking. This order is due to the fact that we first learn the language by listening and reading, saving what we have learned in our receptive memory. After enough contact with these information, they move from our receptive to our productive memory where we use them to develop writing and …show more content…
The first challenge I faced during the applying process was passing the TOEFL test and the essay part of the application. Even though I scored the lowest on the writing part of the test, I managed to pass the test with a score higher than the required score and I was accepted to the college. What I am trying to say, writing in English wasn 't my strongest area. Not being as proficient as I wanted to be resulted in writing not being my favorite thing. I hated when I had to write an important email, a letter, or a paper for my class. Therefore, when I was registering for the college writing course this semester, I wanted to make the best out of the class, improve my writing and become able to write in a professional academic way. That was important for me whether for my academic life now or later in my career. I was in confusion whether to take the normal class, or the one for ESL students as the advisers suggested it will be easier. After thinking, I decided to take the normal college writing course and learn what native speakers learn. Frankly, I was a little bit concerned at the beginning because I didn 't know the level of proficiency needed and I was afraid I would end up lowering my GPA, however, I insisted on my decision. The first essay we had to write was a bit of challenge for me. I spend hours working on it, I asked for my teacher 's help and I went the writing center

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