The Day My Grandmother Passed Away Analysis

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. No matter how hard I try to do what is right, things always turn out wrong. Something’s that I have experience that were tragic are losing most of my mother’s side of the family. I also lost my father to immigration and my godfather passed away. You feel powerless when there is nothing you can do about it. To begin with, the way my family lost my mother’s side of the family was extremely hard on my siblings and me. My younger siblings were three and four years old at the time and they only remember when my aunts and cousins used to come around and now they don’t understand why they aren’t around anymore. There was an argument about ten years ago and till this day my family still hasn’t let it …show more content…
I had a great time with my family, I will never forget that day. After having a great Christmas with my family a few days later I received a call from my godmother telling me that my godfather had died in Peru on his vacation in a fire while he was sleeping and no one could save him, the fire was too big and my godfather was sleeping at the time. I was so hurt I never got the chance to say bye or to tell him that I love him. When I was young and would go visit my godfather and my godmother, they always gave me money and that was all I really care about. Now I wish I could take and give it all back just to spend one day with my godfather or just to let him know that I love and care about him so much. Weeks after his death my godmother called me and she explained to me that someone had set him up, but no one knows who did it or how they did it. As she explained to me all I could do was cry and ask God why. My godmother told me that my godfather had gone to Peru alone, she had stayed back to watch their auto business until he got back but he wasn’t at the airport when she went to pick him up. My godmother tells me she regrets not leaving with him because that was the last time she spoke to him and she wish that she could have been with him before he passed. I also regret taking my godfather for granted, at the times I need and want him the most I can’t even pick the phone up to call him anymore. It is a tragic when your powerless and can’t do anything about what

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