When My Father Went Away Analysis

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In the year 1881, a year before the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed, the increasing riots and incoming Chinese Immigrants, pressured Congress to act upon its white, American citizens’ wishes. In the last decade, the the Chinese were blamed for the economical depression and drought among the land. The reason behind the Chinese immigrants being blamed for everything, was because they were easy targets due to their cultural differences. The Xia family was one of the last worker families excepted in the country. The Clarke family was one of the people to lose their jobs due to the Chinese Immigrants who work for less pay.


“Son, let me teach you a couple of things about being a man… men do not cry.” My father turned
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He has always been expressive towards his opinions, and I have not once seen anyone change his mind. He says he has experience and always knows what he is talking about.
“Pa, I’m only nine years old. Mama says it’s okay that children cry.”
His gaze turned towards the cloudless, blue sky. He took in a deep lungful of air.
“Son, you’re no longer just a boy. You’re turning into a man- and you will know how to take charge and be a successful white man. You listening?”
“Yes, I understand.”
I kicked the rocks beneath my feet, crushing them into the smoky dirt, settling under our shoes. We were almost at the railroad. I looked up and saw that we were walking next to the end of the lake-my refuge.

I saw Mr. Anderson coming towards us in the distance. He was the most interesting guy in our town and he loved my family dearly. “Good morning, sir!” I screamed, running to him. I wrapped my arms along his large beer belly, and looked up at him. “Hello, Matthew,” he said softly, glancing at my father, “Mr. Clarke… a work please.”
I sat down on a large rock beside the railroad. Mr. Anderson usually has a big grin on his face when he sees us. Something must be wrong. Terribly

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