Lade Carnegie Mellon: A Personal Analysis

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We will never know the exact date and time when we will breathe our last breath in this earth. Depending on the situation, a person might have an idea but never the exact time. I’ll always believe in the fact that we have to live our lives to leave a positive imprint for those around us to remember. It’s inspiring how the lade Carnegie Mellon was able to positively acknowledge his reality and make it through with the lecture and be completely acceptable with the end of his life.
Being Hispanic and born in the Dominican Republic, you are exposed to high levels of poverty that you can only escape by coming to the United States or by having good connections with major person that can get you in a good job. Other than that you might have a job, just not the job to put food on your table every week. My parents did not attend college and lived a simple life. They did everything they
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I was taught at a young age that things are not just given and thinks did not come easy. Whatever I wanted I needed to working hard for it. I want to be able to teach our children a lot of things from my experience.
Even though I appreciate and respect the decisions my parents made I do want to make a change for my better future. But I want to also be able to provide for my family as a parent and know that I do not need to have a family member raise my child because I am not able to give them a brighter future. I want to be able to allow my children to be children and enjoy their childhood and not grow up too soon. I want to teach them to also be responsible, respectful, and financially smart so when they are adults they can fight their own battles. To this day I still help my family financially the best I can. My faith continues on and I try my best to participate in different charities, such as the foodbank, Salvation Army, etc. Knowing the struggle that many go through I want to be able to chip in the best I

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