Personal Narrative: My Life Has Been Simple In Middle School

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My life has been simple in middle school, I never had trouble making friends, but it was very hard to keep a friend for a long time. I always end up fighting with my friends. I didn 't only fight my friends, I sometimes even fought people that I didn 't know who the were. I was the type of girl who always got in trouble for the stupidest thing. For example one day I was going to the bathroom and the girl in front of me slapped the door at me, but the door never hit me, I still walked up to her and said "try me one more time" as I pulled her jacket. We both got in trouble and spend the day in school suspension. I was not the only trouble maker in my family, my sisters also got in trouble. In middle school, I used to ride the bus with my sisters …show more content…
This is when hit me, all this time I was using "self-defense" as an excuse to get out of trouble. Everything was clear to me, I now understood why I was getting all these chances from the principal. Everyone who cared about me gave me chances to better myself and choose the right path. I broke into tears because I understood, everyone who gave me a chance cared about me and I was dumb enough not to see it. I realized that all my older siblings turned themselves around when they went to high school. I also realized that everyone who saw ugly side had faith in me that it was never too late to change. After my mom asked me that questions, I started to question everything I did, all the fights I fought alone or with my siblings. I spend the day crying and apologizing to my mom, she said "I forgive you, but first learn to forgive yourself". The next day, I went to school hoping to open a new chapter in my life. I start the day with a positive attitude and a big smile. Some of my friends started to judge me and said mean things like "is today an opposite day?", I tried to ignore them, I guess some people hate seeing others happy. Everything was over when a girl who I fought before said "did you forget to take your pills?", these little words destroyed my day. It was impossible to ignore something like this. Imagine the person you hate on this earth said these words when you are trying really hard to be nice. I felt like it impossible to speak or breathe, as if her words were choking me, the only way I was going to breathe was attack her, so I walked up to her and pulled her hair and a fight broke out. At that point I started to hate everyone especially people like her who always have something against people who are happy. I never knew being happy can

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