The Importance Of My Identity In Music

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My identity has been shaped by my mother’s and sisters’ example in living the gospel. My mother’s knowledge of the scriptures and application of them into her life developed the basis of my identity. My eldest sister’s involvement in uplifting church music helped me to develop such wonder musical talents. My second eldest sisters faith and testimony of Jesus Christ was an essential development of my identity, making me who I am today.
My mother was such a wonderful example in the way that she could quote almost anything and everything from the scriptures. Ever since I was a little child she counseled me from the scriptures, so that soon enough they became a part of my life and helped me to develop many wonderful characteristics. Her knowledge
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She played the piano so beautifully, enhancing its beauty with her soft sweet harmonious voice and to add to that she played the guitar extremely well. I developed my musical talents as soon as I could reach the piano. When I began to play the guitar, Gina taught me 3 chords. At first, it was hard to do quick changes in between chords but I wanted to be just like her if not better. I discovered how to play almost 10 nursery rhymes with just these three chords. The excitement and enthusiasm I had for this vibrant boundless instrument created a passion for music in me. Singing came naturally because Gina turned us four sisters into a quartet. Eugina was the lead singer, of course, Leilani was always the background singer, Esther’s sweet high pitched voice inevitably made her the soprano and I was the alto. We always seemed to sing in church meetings and as I grew older I developed an ability to serve through music. Through service, I became a better musician. I learnt many skills such as performing and reading music but ultimately I became accomplished in uplifting music and was able to help others and inspire others for …show more content…
In my childhood and youth, my family was in trying times. My mother and father had divorced and so everyone lived with mum. She worked really hard to provide for all 8 of us, and so Lani and Gina looked after us little ones. Leilani invested a lot of time into me through school, sports, homework, and entertainment. I can never forget her dedication to the gospel as she devoted so much time to her calling as a young women 's leader. She read the scriptures every day and she bore her testimony all the time. One really special experience that had such an impact on me was the sorrowful event of the death of her daughter, the eldest grandchild. Leilani’s faith never wavered, instead, she became more converted to the gospel. She was so humble and loving that all she did was bear testimony of the greatness of God. She showed patience and endurance by the way she showed gratitude to Heavenly Father for the wonderful opportunity and privilege she had in bringing up her beautiful little girl. She pointed out to our family that we were privileged to have her for as long as we did because of her disease-Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. All the time that she had invested in me led a desire within to follow her example. I developed these characteristics, that she possessed, for

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