The Correlation Between Nutrition And Eating Habits

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Nutrition is of vital importance to our bodies. It affects our emotional, physical, and mental state of being. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said, “You are what you eat.” In order to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle it is essential to consume the proper foods that will give us nutrients. Nutrition isn’t just about eating right; it’s about learning what foods contain the right nutrients and amounts to benefit our bodies. The amount of food we consume depends on our lifestyle and what we do daily. My lifestyle and eating habits have change drastically ever since I started the DH program. I no longer work and I spend approximately 30-40 hrs a week at school, so it’s difficult to prepare meals every day. I usually eat a bowl …show more content…
Using my medical history from clinic I was able to see a correlation between my health and nutrition. To begin, my family’s history of disease is quite long and I only know a few cancers and diseases that I should be aware of. One of my grandmas had breast cancer and uterine cancer but she beat both and is now 93 years old and in perfect health. My other grandma died from stomach cancer within three months of my uncle dying from stomach cancer. I myself have irritable Bowel Syndrome, so I go in for regular check ups. My sister, twin brother, and I all have autoimmune disorders and my sister doesn’t make antibodies to fight off …show more content…
According to my dental history my gingival is generalized pale pink with knife like interdental papilla, generalized firm gingival with no inflammation and generalized stippling. I am a chronic cheek and lip biter, and have slight palatal tori with an extra frenum on the upper right gingival. I currently do not have orthodontics but I had braces for five years. I should wear a retainer because my lower anteriors are shifting. I have no restorations and only sealants on numbers 2,4,5,12,13,28,30, and 31. I have had all my 3rd molars removed. My BOP index is 2.3%, my plaque index is 17.9%, and my calculus code is 0-1, which means that I am doing a good job with my oral home care. I have been diagnosed as AAP type I plaque-induced gingivitis. My dental health does not currently affect my nutritional intake and my nutritional intake does not affect my oral health. I used to be lactose intolerant, so I wouldn’t eat anything with dairy and would take lactaide pills when I did eat dairy. I have grown out of it and can eat all dairy products without becoming sick. I stick to foods that are low fat and low calorie. I have been eating only chicken and fish for the past 11 years, so I eat other foods such as beans, peanut butter, nuts, and eggs to compensate for my protein intake. I will eat anything, but I am picky when it comes to the texture and look of certain food products. I will only eat chicken breast and it has to

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