The Importance Of Music On Activity

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Mood affects everything we do, how we interact with other people, affects our productivity at work. It also can affects how personal relationships meaning our energy levels. When we are in an angry, sad, or depressed our productivity at work suffers, we don’t feel like working or interacting with other people. Likewise, when we are in a happy mood we are more prone to creativity which help increases our productivity. Music is a past time, a hobby, and a passion. The claim that music can influence a person 's mood makes perfect sense. Music can actually affect a person 's mood and make the individual creative juices start flowing. For example, it can influence the amount of time that one chooses to spend in a mall. Stores that target older shoppers …show more content…
I find myself feeling similarly to what I am writing about. For those who write, writing is not merely putting pen to paper, it is a passion, a love, a way of life, a forum/platform for the imagination and creativity to transform itself into something tangible, for communicating heart to heart while skipping the outside world altogether. Mood has the power to bend those heart felt waves, mood trumps the love and the passion. Personally, I find it very difficult to write something when I am feeling down in the dumps. I post a survey online asking people, Does the effect of your mood change your writing? The poll showed that 68% of people’s mood change when they are listening to music. The rest 32% show that their writing mood didn’t change their writing. Some people can say that writing don’t change their mood, it just depends on the individual. I interview two college students, a freshman and a sophomore asking them what affects your mood when writing. The freshman was new to the college environment and stated that jogging or running can change their effect on writing a consistent paper. Exercise can help the individual clear their mind and focus on what and how to write an outstanding paper. The freshman also stated that music can help you think creatively. The sophomore was kind of different from the freshman because there consistency on writing outstanding a paper came natural. The style of writing never change it was kind of hard to understanding if the writer was feeling sad, happy, anxious, or

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