Synthesis Essay: The Role Of Music In Worship Majors

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One of the beloved paragon verses of Christianity, 1 Corinthians 10:31, claims “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (ESV) Viewing our actions as purposeful and meaningful denotes a deeper commitment to At Biola University, students within every major strive to exemplify the lifestyle this verse describes, making their area of study their form of worship. However, one subculture specifically envelops a group of students whose academic focus dovetails with their faith in a unique way, allowing all of their efforts towards success in school to directly bring glory to God’s name. While an assumption exists that Music in Worship majors do not have to work hard due to the artistic nature of their major, in reality these students exhibit great diligence and dedication in pursuing musical excellence in order to serve God to the best of their ability. Instead of stereotyping music majors as individuals who rely on natural talent to carry them through their education, it is necessary to recognize their tenacity and hard work in their field.
Non-music-majors assume that music majors require less classes, and that the classes that music majors take are a lower complexity level than the classes that other majors are taking. Perhaps this misconception originates with the false assertion that musical
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On Biola’s website the description of the Music in Worship major begins with the statement, “Worship is a way of life.” More than an academic focus, worship is what God calls us to. This commitment to live a worshipful lifestyle catalyzes a desire to strengthen their own form of worship and lead God’s people towards deeper worship through ministry. As Brenna states, “I’m praying that God will anoint me to effectively lead his people towards Him.”

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