Using Music In The Adult ESL Classroom

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Almost everybody would say that music plays a very important role in their life, or that they just could not live without music. I could not agree more with them; music is present most of the time everywhere I go, every task I perform. Of course, when I teach music is one of the most important elements in my EFL classes. Students seems to enjoy my classes and the music in them, but what is the pedagogical support behind this practice? Why is music so important in EFL classes? How does it help students?

Literature review Lems (2001) wrote in Using Music in the Adult ESL Classroom “Music can be used in the adult ESL classroom to create a learning environment; to build listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills; to increase
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(2001). Using Music in the Adult ESL classroom. National Louis University.
Davanellos, A. (1999). English Teaching.
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The class
Number of students: 9
Level: 3 PDU (A1) Time: 9-11 am
Ages: 19-43 years old
Teaching aids
Projector, computer ,speakers, book , markers and worksheets.
Students are going to learn and practice with the future tense using “be going to”. In addition, they’ll be introduced to some blended sounds in social language.
Mostly listening and speaking.
Personal aim
Work more with lead activities and timing.
Anticipated problems
Students might encounter some problems listening to the words because most of them are true beginners. Pair them up to answer fill in the blank activity.

Stage 1
Present the song and work with it.
Warm up.
1. – Greet students and ask them about their day.
1.1 Indicate the beginning of a new lesson and the goals of the lesson (future plans)
2 – Tell them we are listening to a song and help them guess the name of the song.
Students ask who the singer is or the music genre to get to the name of

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