The Importance Of Miscommunication

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“Always put yourself in others ' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too.” ― Rachel Grady. I wish that everyone could be able to really understand the meaning of this quote. Deciding what college to attend was a very hard task for me. Deciding between staying close to home or going to the United States, which many things would change, had me thinking for a long time. My first language has always being Spanish. Yes, I know English but I don’t perfectly speak it nor write it. I finally made my decision. I knew that I had a future in front of me and going to the United States was going to be an unforgettable experience and a big advantage when enter the real world. I was very worried about my poor language ability and experiencing a very different culture. I was very scared of how I was going to be treated and how fast I was going to habituate in that world. I knew all the consequences and problems I was going to deal with but I still was very sure about my decision. …show more content…
Today’s society face some miscommunication problems but people don’t notice them. When the Mexican was in jail for illegally crossing the border is when we experienced one of the miscommunication situations in Ríos essay. The man was put in the cells and forgotten for a couple of days. It is said that he didn’t say a word because of his manners and respects. He thought he was supposed to be quite. With this we learn about the different cultures everyone has. The man could have been treated from a very different form if he would know the rules of that culture. It’s impressive how the man didn’t say a word because of not knowing that culture. With this situation we notice how common is miscommunication and how a lot of people experience it without noticing. This is a situation everyone had been through once in their

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