The Importance Of Mental Health

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I personally believe health professionals do not understand mental health as much as they should. Mental illness has been a taboo concept in our society for a long time and it still is for the older generation. I feel like just recently society is becoming more understanding of mental illness and not have a prejudice view on mental illness. As Dale said, she felt as if she was put on a shelve. I think he feels that way because of how society perceives mental illness. I think she felt that way because his doctor did not have the tools or resources that Dale needed nor did her doctor have a care plan that would help Dale live with a psychiatric disability. Instead, the doctor just gave her medication and left it up to Dale to figure out how to …show more content…
However, I do not think this statement should discourage individuals with acquired disabilities. I think an individual who have a congenital disability does not have former experience of a higher functioning level. Yet, individuals who have acquired disabilities can compare their level of functioning and I think it could be possible to return to full functioning level but I think they can get close to be fully functioning with some modification. When I think of returning to a former level of functioning, I instantly think of Aika because she is a great example of returning to a lifestyle prior to a disability. After Aika fully healed, she started to get back to her active lifestyle; however, she needed modified her lifestyle to accommodate her disability. I believe it is possible for individuals to return to their hobbies or lifestyle but with modification. However, I believe it is easier to recover from a physical disability than a psychiatric disability. If I was in this situation, I would personally find it easier to deal with this disability. I have personal experience with dealing with mental illness because I have an anxiety disorder. However, when I talked to my doctor she gave me a prescription but she also gave me resources that would help me cope with my anxiety attacks. My experience with my doctor is way different than Dales but once I got help controlling my anxiety I found it easier to do different activities and I feel as if I function better now prior to me not being medicated. However, with mental illness, everyone is unique with the illness and some may not have the same experience I did when I receiving help that is what Dr. Walsh said recovery was, personal and an unique process. Recovery changes personal values, attitudes, self-concept and

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