The Importance Of Mediocrity In Society

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In this modern day era, and especially within the past decade our society has gone from the once competitive, and rewarding type to the kind of society that is scared to offend anyone, or push them towards achieving their true potential. The biggest gripe one should have with society today is how non-significant performances in certain aspects are rewarded as if they were excellent. Accepting mediocrity is what this generation will be remembered for. The majority is scared of challenging somebody, or stepping out of the norm to achieve something that others will never strike to accomplish. When we accept mediocrity and take our place in the middle of society, (Average-Ville) we are wasting away the gifts that God gave us. We were not made to be air wasting blobs, going through the motions, and just accepting whatever came our way. If our country’s founding fathers had been like that most of us would be still being persecuted for our beliefs and all the other freedoms we take for granted. The fact that we have so many who have filed for …show more content…
We live in a society that lives in fear of challenging anyone’s beliefs or actions. People no longer have to answer to anyone for their actions or choices, which is a very slippery slope and should be stopped immediately. When society accepts these things it will kill our growth in all areas of life. If we continue to lower expectations then areas of research and technology will be diminished into eventual acceptance of what he have. There is a difference between contentment and achieving potential, both are fine in certain cases. For example, if you are content with achieving a B in a class and do not put forth the extra work when an A was conceivably attainable, then you are short changing yourself which will lead you to never reach your maximum potential. What this country needs is a little more competition and a more cutthroat

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