Argumentative Essay On Medical Stem Cell Therapies

Medical Stem Cell Usage

Stem cell research and therapies have the ability to perform medical miracles. There are ethical and legal justification concerns surrounding the topic that are holding back huge advances in therapeutic studies and cures to diseases. Lifting certain restrictions on stem cell therapies and research could provide new ways and opportunities to save lives. Stem cell research should be continued further and given more legal wiggle room due to it’s enormous medical contributions.

To date, embryonic stem cell research uses the cells from leftover in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos to cure diseases. IVFs are assisted fertilization through scientific methods. Many IVFs are leftover and, with consent from involved partners, used for research (Haldeman-Englert). These cells are valuable to medicine because they are basic cells that can essentially, with a little nudge, form into any tissue in the human body (Haldeman-Englert). They regenerate into whatever cell is needed (Haldeman-Englert). Having this plasticity is something ordinary cells lack, and it can bring new insight to science and medicine.

Humans do
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Bush on August 9th, 2001, put a restriction on the funding for research projects with embryonic stem cells. The restriction said that federal funds could only be used to support research on embryonic stem cell lines before that date (Mazzaschi and Moore). Thus cutting off potential for growth and essentially new research. However, in 2009, President Barack Obama issued the executive order lifting the restriction for the funds on human embryonic stem cell research (Mazzaschi and Moore). The revision also stated that embryonic lines had to fall in a certain criteria, which included that all subjects had to be left over from IVF and that written consent must be given by the couple to use their embryos for research (Mazzaschi and Moore). This is a huge step forward from before, but there are still leaps to be

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