The Importance Of Manifest Destiny

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Throughout the early to mid-1830; the United States was in the process of change once again, it was looking to expand the nation further west. Yet this was not going to be a simple task as those in power would hope for. In order to be able to continue to move westward they need to impose their will on the indigenous people of the land with the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and by increasing taxes on the population to help fund a larger military with the Force Bill of 1833. Plus, the idea of Manifest Destiny is spreading across the country rapidly. Encouraging citizens to want to move out west. Even the citizens that had moved out west in to the newer territories, and Mexico were calling for westward expansion. This would cause increase tension …show more content…
We were on our way to Bexar to trade, but hostilities were far worse here between the Texans, and Mexicans. Several of our men were hurt during an altercation between the two groups. So we decided head to San Antonio, and rest at the Alamo mission. Yet that would not happen. Word came down that the Mexican army was headed here. We worked quickly to secure our men, and what little supplies we could find to begin our evacuation. Unfortunately Johnathan had other ideas. He volunteered to stay behind and help defend the Mission from the Mexicans. I pleaded with my friend that this is not our fight, and we should get our men to safety. He would not hear it. He told me to take the men to safety, and to let his wife know what happen. Damn him for putting me in this position, how could I face his wife; a dear, and close friend as well that I left her husband to die. Told those in the caravan to leave, and give his wife his message. I did my best to talk him out of it, but he felt it was his destiny to be part of this American movement out west. He believed this was god way of telling him that he must act help the greater good. I never understood how men could justify the greater good with killing. How is it good to kill? That’s why I lost my faith so long ago. Who would ask people to do despicable deeds in the name of god; a god that is supposed to be kind, caring, and benevolent in our life? That is something I never understood, or from the way things look from here, will. The chances of us walking away from this are small. Maybe it time I begin to believe in the almighty once again. Since only a miracle will allow us to leave the Alamo

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