Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Sleuthing The Alamo

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Sleuthing The Alamo In the Rhetorical analysis, Sleuthing The Alamo, James E. Crisp dives head long into an extensive evaluation of the events, people, and historical stories of the Alamo. As he began his research he stumbled across a speech written and given by Sam Houston. Houston is a well acknowled man in both Texas and U. S. history with a reputation for fairness, and being and all around good wholesome man with a polished set or morals. Upon reading a statement Houston made to his men Crisp felt as if something were wrong. He said “ I was stunned and disbelieving. The words seemed so unlike Houston. Part of my reaction, I suppose, could be attributed to nostalgia from my childhood image of Sam Houston, the adopted Cherokee.”(39) This quote is the reaction to a statement Houston made in his article that seemed overly raciest for such a strong public figure, even at this time in history, to say. With Crisp’s understanding of Houston, he didn’t believe such words could flow from his mouth, so upon this he began to research if the quote was truly spoken by Houston, or was it fabricated. The article up for review is listed as document #1791 in the forth volume of John Jenkin’s Papers of the Texas Revolution. As Crisp began he research many things began to jump out at his attention. One and the most important one was the fact that this statement contradicted everything Crisp thought he knew about Houston, without this previous knowledge, there would have never been such…

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