The Importance Of Living A Good Life Essay

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In the beginning of my journey, I thought that my understanding of living a good life was to its fullest. Little did I realize that I yet had to search deeper in life, to learn more aspects and views of living a meaningful life. In these various aspects, I studied, I learned that everyone has different ideas of living a good life. Some people find happiness in riches, others in things less physical. More so, people seek making themselves happy, others in making people happy that will lead in being happy themselves. There are so many models and paths that will lead to happiness, but all have the same solution that is if your happy with yourself, you are living a good life. I personally the most important quality of living a good life is happiness. No one can ask you to get happy, it is something that you must achieve by yourself and is necessary. For example, when I am happy, I feel like I have the power to do anything, say anything, go anywhere I want, and I would see everything positive. Also, being happy will spread a positive energy that might start an endless cycle of happiness that might help people live a good life. Though, there are moral and ethical standards that impact the road of living my good life. I learned that Morals and ethics change as we live our lives, even though, I first learned them from my parents and religion when I was young, the experiences and the path I walked as growing up has altered my morals and ethics. To begin with, the most major moral…

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