Explain Why Should We Moral According To Glaucon

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1. Why should we moral , according to Glaucon? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why?

The question is how to live a good life , what kind of qualities should be there in life to lead a good life. The answer is live with morals . Moral are the norms which teaches to live a good life without the feeling of selfishness.
According to Glaucon being moral means to serve others without being selfish. He directly relates moral with justice. Morals are responsible for bring justice , however immorality brings only injustice. The further implications are that there are some implications in moral life that a amoral life doesn’t have.
Moral gives birth to justice. Let’s discuss the first subject – what justice is and what its origins are. http://missiontotransition.blogspot.ca/2013/11/why-be-moral-plato-republic-book-ii.html.
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Now , no one, it seems, would be so incorruptible that he would stay on the path of justice or stay away from the other’s property, when he could take what ever he want from the market place, or go to the people houses and have sex with anyone he wished, kill or release anyone from prison and do all other things that would make him like a God among humans. Rather his actions would be in no way different from those of an unjust person, and both would follow the same path. This, some would say, is a great proof that one is never just or moral willingly but only when compelled to be. No one believe justice to be a good when it is kept private, since, wherever either person thinks he can do injustice with impunity, he does it. Indeed, every man believes that injustice is far more profitable than justice. And any exponent of this argument will say he is right, for someone who don’t want to do injustice, given this sort of opportunity, and who didn’t touch other people property would be thought wretched and stupid by everyone aware of the situation, though, of course , they’d praise him in public, deceiving each other for fear of suffering injustice. . “Plato, The Immoralist’s Challenge, Page no …show more content…
Some of them filled with ego and selfishness and some are kind hearted and selfless people, both are there. Morality or justice plays a pivotal role in our society to maintain the balance and peace among society and also makes a society a better place to live. If the whole society is immoral or unjust then there would be a chaos and it will become worthless to live there. Morality, we can call it norms but which are innate by nature note learned or it is kind of reinforcement by teaching. People don’t do injustice because they have fear of law or they don’t want listed their name in the criminal records, otherwise if the government give free rights to do what ever they want to do, they are just afraid of consequences of getting caught or acting unjustly . So law and order also having important role to maintain justice among the

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