Happiness In Mary Lavin's A Hunger Artist

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After a person has found their proper function, became morally strong and pure, and created a habit of being good, their quality of life will increase, leading to a strong sense of fulfillment and an overall better life. One way that this can be done, is to not set unrealistic standards for yourself. If you expect nothing but perfection, you will ultimately always feel as though you have fell short of your true goal. This emotion can lead to self deprecation, even when an actual achievement is made. This is shown in the following excerpt from Mary Lavin’s “Happiness” when Mother demeans herself because she was not perfect: Another time she'd dream she'd be a great singer. ‘We didn't know you sang Mother!’ She had to laugh. ‘Like a crow,’ …show more content…
This is, of course, an exaggerated example meant to show the absurdity of the issue, but remains an altogether important concept. This exact situation would never occur in real life because, as Dakota Williams said in class discussion, “Why would any reasonable person do this to themselves?” (Williams). Despite the somewhat satirical example, the fact the someone who makes similar decisions to the artist will not be able to fulfill themselves is undeniable. It is important to realize that in life some compromises will be necessary and …show more content…
The question is, did you make a difference wherever you could? Did you meet the moment? Did you look yourself in the mirror that morning or that evening and think ‘Yeah, okay. I am doing this the right way’ I am doing this the right way.’ ‘Are you endeavoring to be fulfilled and be a good person . . . in all of your works of life? ‘ (Ryan)
This quote is excellent because it explains that if you can look at yourself with pride, knowing that you worked your absolute hardest to do what you wanted, then you have succeeded in building yourself a good and fulfilled life. This concept it also touched on in popular film Friday Night Lights, while the coach delivers a speech to the players: Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn't let them down because . . . There wasn't one more thing you could’ve done (Friday Night

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