Informative Essay On Liberal Arts College

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What is Liberal Arts College? Who would even go to tiny bity schools that call themselves colleges for a degree? These were the questions that I was frequently asked by my friends while applying for colleges. These big university braggers stated that I will not have a future after Liberal Arts College. One of the universal opinions about Liberal Arts College is a type of fancy colleges for liberal and artsy students, whose parents are rich and have million spare money. After being in a Liberal Arts College for almost two years, I came to an agreement with my friends that Liberal Arts College is leading me to the opposite direction of success. Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO who graduated from Northern Michigan University would agree with me that Liberal Arts education do sucks, just like his Starbucks coffee.
The first impression I got while I was walking around in a Liberal Arts College gorgeous and heavenly decorated campus was disappointing. Who would even care to look at the campus that is as tiny as a garage? I would not even bother to stop and look at flower beds that were laid out in the shape of the school mascot. Although, let’s shout out to our talented artsy Liberal Arts students who are paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to be here. They surely are doing a
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Going back to your mother country and brag about your American college degree? I have no clue what to do with my useless liberal arts degree, which is rather a piece of plain paper that will eventually be the next group of stubborn high school graduates. I am not developing any common senses from any of my classes, and it is concerning for myself to think about the real world. By the way, do I need to work in order to get money and feed myself? With my failing GPA and possible worthless degree, I think Austin College has all these incredible unforeseen features on teaching me how to be a better loser for the real

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