The Importance Of Liberal Art Education

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Is there still place for liberal art education in Post-Secondary Education, or should Colleges and Universities concentrate on workforce training majors? “Change is a double-edged sword. Its relentless pace these days runs us off our feet. Yet when things are unsettled, we can find new ways to move ahead and to create breakthroughs not possible in stagnant societies. If you ask people to brainstorm words to describe change, they come up with a mixture of negative and positive terms. On the one side, fear, anxiety, loss, danger, panic; on the other, exhilaration, risk taking, excitement, improvements, energizing. For better or for worse, change arouses emotions, and when emotions intensify, leadership is key (Fullan, 2001).
However, leaders
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The biggest declined areas are community colleges and for profit universities. Most of students think a formal education is not fully guarantee for lifelong employment. Liberal art education definitely gives them an intellectual empowerment but less ties with economic advertisement. People start to think that community college is no longer the gate way of “American dream” for not only to low income and minority students but also majority citizens due to high tuition costs, burden of student loan debt, and tough job market; therefore, institution is more geared to promote high demand degree programs. Community college required to reevaluate existing curriculum content and create learning and challenge environment as community college is worthwhile investment for expending student’s career opportunity and fulfilling the intellectual …show more content…
I work at Bellevue Community College which is located in Washington State, USA. Bellevue College is centrally located in the Puget Sound area along with several other community colleges, technical colleges, and many universities.
Unlike many areas in the United States that are showing a decline in employment and wages the Puget Sound, Washington area has job growth and increasing wages. Washington State at one time relied mostly on agricultural, forestry, commercial fishing, and airplane manufacturing (Boeing). However, Puget Sound has become the new Silicon Valley it is the home of, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Google, and Nintendo United States, along with hundreds more high-tech companies.
This influx of high-tech companies has intensified the argument over education policy changes in postsecondary education in Washington State. Bellevue college along with all publicly owned community colleges, technical colleges, and universities have advisory boards which oversee curriculum and make recommendations to the state board, governing boards, and presidents of said

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